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“Dr. van der Berg has always provided the best service for my son. The appointment process is easy with convenient reminders via text/email of your choice. His staff always provides us with friendly and very professional assistance when needed.” – Aaron C., San Ramon

“As always, Dr. van den Berg and the entire staff were the absolute model of courteous, professional service with care and attention to each patient's specific individual needs. Time was taken to understand my concerns and answer all of my questions.” – George D., Sausalito

“Dr. van Den Berg and his staff are very skilled and personable. My daughter is near the end of her treatment, braces coming off soon. Her teeth are looking great! Just one little space to close in. My son is just starting out. Both kids had crooked, large teeth crammed in a small mouth. The change for my daughter is incredible and I know that my son's teeth will be looking great, as well.” – Kendal W., Lafayette

“I've been coming here for the past three years and came out with the best results for my teeth. Before coming to his office, previous orthodontists told me that they would need to delete two or three teeth in order for braces! When I came over to this office, Dr. van den Berg assured me that there won't be any need to pull teeth out and it won't affect me in the future. The end results proved to be beyond my expectations and would highly recommend making an appointment with him for anyone who is interested.”

“My daughter and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. van den Berg and his team. Everyone is extremely friendly and courteous, and the team's work is excellent. Will definitely recommend.” – Sara E., Pleasanton

“Dr. Rob van den Berg and his staff Marcela and Danielle are warm and friendly! Danielle is very accommodating when scheduling appointments. They have made my two sons feel well cared for and managed to teach them the proper care of their teeth while in braces. They now have their braces off and I marvel at both of their very cute smiles. We have had a great experience and encourage anyone considering braces to head over to see Dr. Rob.” – Marissa

“Rob’s reputation for perfection is what motivated me to start treatment.” – Jon

“I think that Dr. Rob van den Berg is the coolest orthodontist ever! He is fun and super funny and makes the procedure go fast! I am so happy with the choice we made!” – Kiana

“My daughter has been going to Dr. Rob van den Berg for almost a year now. We have been very happy with his work and she is also very happy to go there every time she has an appointment. The office staff is very courteous and professional and most important of all, doctor is always on time and you don’t have to wait for long to have your work done.” – Dorie

“Being an older person, in my 50s, I thought getting my teeth straightened would be difficult and painful, and my expectations of success were rather low. But, with Dr. van den Berg, his staff, and Invisalign, my teeth are straighter than I ever expected, with little discomfort or inconvenience during the process. Dr. Van den Berg and his staff were very good at explaining what was happening, the process for completing the treatment and were available should I have any problems or questions.” – John

“Dr. Rob van den Berg is a fantastic Orthodontist. Very professional, always courteous, and accommodating. Two years ago when I began Invisalign® treatment, I found Dr. van den Berg’s practice through Invisalign recommendation, as well as asking around the local community. He came very highly recommended all the way around and I now know why. Having taken part in some of the Invisalign developments as well as the extensive training he’s received, I felt my teeth were in good hands. Turns out, I was right. He was spot on with diagnosis and a best course of treatment. I felt very “taken care of” during the treatment process. All that combined with a knowledgeable and friendly staff to address your every concern, I recommend Dr. van den Berg and his team without any reservation whatsoever. Great job Dr. V!” – David

“I have been coming to Dr. van den Berg for three years now. He corrected my bite with two years of braces and now I am still coming for my retainer adjustments. I have had nothing but positive experience while seeing Dr. V. He is professional and warm I truly enjoy coming in for my adjustments. I LOVE Danielle and Marcela as much as my son does. It is easy to lug the whole family all the way to San Ramon for a visit because the kids get so excited when we are going to ‘see our orthodontist friends.’ We recommend everyone to Dr. V and will definitely take our children to him when time has come. We love, love, love you guys!” – Angela

“I was very nervous about getting braces as an adult, but Dr. V is great and the staff was very supportive.” – Tiffany

“I am so happy I came to this practice. They have offered us the service and flexibility we needed. The doctor is friendly with kids and my daughter loves the staff and the environment they provide.” – Rosa

“I’m 62 years old. I was not happy with myself. I felt so ugly, my teeth were a mess. Now I am truly happy and I can smile now with confidence.” – Paula

“Pacific Coast Orthodontics is a great place for patients of all ages. They are kind and care about you and what you do, but at the same time they are very focused on their job, not to mention that they are very good at it too!” – Anusha

“This is a wonderful orthodontic practice. The doctor and staff are very nice and kids friendly and we didn’t feel that we needed to give an arm and a leg to pay for it. Our son’s smile is so improved! Definitely recommending.” – Sharon

“We have been very pleased with the staff and service for our children. Thank you!” – Garrett

“Dr. Van den Berg is truly a master of his work. I am 20 years old, I have a very ‘unique’ mouth structure, and I have been through 12 years of braces with four different orthodontists. Dr. van den Berg was the only one to permanently improve my smile and I am incredibly happy and impressed with the results.

“Unlike my other orthodontists, Dr. van den Berg was willing to try innovative methods of treatment, and approached the task from many different perspectives when one method did not seem promising. Patient comfort is clearly a priority in his office; even with all of the treatments I underwent, no procedure was in the slightest bit uncomfortable. I appreciated the fact that he always informed me of the details of each procedure, sensations I might feel, and the changes he expected to result.

“Dr. van den Berg's office has a very relaxed atmosphere. Decorated with a summery surfing motif, you cannot help but feel comfortable. The patient chairs and sinks are kid-friendly, clean, and tidy. The office staff is so sweet and show that they truly care about their patients.

“Most importantly, Dr. van den Berg is INCREDIBLY accommodating. I go to college in Southern California, and he always scheduled my appointments for convenient times during my school breaks. He was very understanding of my family's financial situation, and completed my treatment in under one year at a VERY reasonable price.

“Overall, Dr. van den Berg and his welcoming staff receive my highest recommendation. I only wish I had discovered them sooner!” – M.

“My children have been going to Dr. Van den Berg for eight years. One has completed Phase One and Phase Two braces. Two others have completed Phase One. I’ve found Dr. Van den Berg to be professional, thoughtful, communicative, and very pleasant with the kids. He doesn’t just recommend ‘old school’ techniques, and the results have been great thus far. I also highly recommend his office for the rest of the office staff. His assistants are highly trained and professional as well, and his office manager always seems well organized. We have never been left in the dark about our kids’ treatment plans, and Dr. Van den Berg has always been responsive to their needs. I would highly recommend him, either for your children, or for adults, as he is also a specialist with the Invisalign product line.” – Ellen

“I am 38 and had lived with badly aligned teeth for most of my life, so I decided to find out if Invisalign could help me. I am in sales and was concerned about having metal braces and how that might affect my career. I began doing research on local doctors who used Invisalign and after months of digging online, I decided to sit down with Dr. Van den Berg for a consultation. The fact that he was one of the early adopters of this new technology and has been asked by Invisalign to speak around the country gave me the confidence to look into it further. He talked me through the process and expected time line and I was very impressed. A short two years later, my smile, something I would hide, is just about perfect. Something I never thought would be possible. I now have to remember that I no longer have to cover my mouth when I smile. I would recommend anyone to him with absolute confidence. Dr. Van den Berg and his entire staff are professional, personable and it is obvious to me that the all love what they do. Refreshing concept these days.

“Call him now… you’ve put this off long enough!!! Your smile misses you.” – Will

“I first came to Van den Berg when I was 36. Although my lower teeth were fine, the upper looked like a derailed train. I had two laterals that never grew in when the baby teeth fell out and because of that, the canines moved way out of the position they were supposed to be. One of the techniques he used was migration where he literally moved the canines almost a half centimeter back to the position their supposed to be in. Now I'm ready to get my dental implants! Thank you, Dr. van den Berg; you helped make me normal.” – David

“I have been a patient of Dr. van den Berg's for several years. I find his staff very enjoyable to do business with and quite helpful during the treatment process. I am always taken promptly when I arrive at the office for my scheduled appointments. I went to Dr. van den Berg with a very complicated orthodontic case, the result of a car accident when I was younger. Dr. van den Berg was very patient with the process and used his superior skills to provide me with an outcome I am very satisfied with.

“Any questions I had were always answered with wonderful detail. I was always told what to expect prior to the treatment or process. Any adjustments I needed in-between appointments were taken care of right away. The office has a very comfortable and relaxed environment. Dr. van den Berg's office staff is very kind, always up-beat, and are very helpful. I highly recommend his services.” – Lynn

“This was one of the most satisfying experiences for me. In 2003, I came in pretty skeptical as my teeth were not very good looking with lots of gaps in between. Two years later, after Invisalign treatment from Dr. van den Berg, my teeth became awesome. I get compliments about them often and am very happy with the results. Now, six years after initially starting the treatment, I’m still very happy with the results. Also, the office of Dr. van den Berg is very well run and the staff very friendly and helpful. The doctor himself definitely knows what he is doing and is very reassuring. Overall I am very satisfied with this treatment and would highly recommend this!” – Tomer

“Rob is very gentle working with children and explaining everything that is going to happen when they get braces. My daughter is currently his patient, and I was a patient as well.”

“Having braces in my 40s was easy thanks to Rob. His staff is professional, friendly, and encouraging. I highly recommend him.” – Shelly

“Dr. van den Berg and his staff are great. They are very friendly and always happy to see you. They are very willing to get you in for emergencies and very flexible with scheduling. I was very happy with my experience there and will bring my kids there when they are ready for orthodontics.” – Julie

“All three of my children go to Dr. van den Berg and I have been very pleased. One of my daughters just got her braces off and her teeth look beautiful. The office staff is friendly and professional, the location is very convenient, and parking is never a problem. I don't remember enjoying going to the orthodontist as a child, but my children actually like to go there!” – Tracy

“I highly recommend Dr. van den Berg! As a 25 year old, orthodontic treatment was the very last thing on my mind, and it took a lot for me to be convinced to finally do it. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr. van den Berg. He has done such an extra-ordinary job, even with my treatment not done yet, looking at my teeth in front of a mirror makes me more confident and happy. He and his staff are the nicest people.” – Hossein

“Dr. van den Berg, Michelle, and Danielle always welcome their patients with a warm smile. I became a patient in 2007 and recently got my braces off. I was extremely glad that I was treated by them because they go out of their way to provide a comfortable atmosphere and treatment. I am amazed by the results and highly recommend them.” – Anne

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